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Yep. Smokin’ is BBQ. Grillin’ Ain’t.

No Comments22 January 14:19


The Great American Guide to Grilling and Barbecue


Leave it to the denizens at H&R Block to take a break from making sure we all don’t go to jail for tax fraud, and take the time to create a lengthy history and comparison of true barbecue and, well, grilling, which ain’t necessarily the same thing! (In an infographic, of course!). The Great American Guide to Grilling and Barbecue defines barbecue as “meat slow-cooked at very low temperatures in dry, indirect heat,” while grilling is aptly described as, in effect, you or me cooking a hot dog on the grill. Note that they declare Texas-style barbecue is “often served without sauce.” Texans have an old saying that “if you have to put sauce on your barbecue, you’re not cookin’ it right.” Although we still like a good smoky-flavored sauce occasionally with our brisket, that statement still rings true. More evidence that in the case of quality barbecued meats, “low and slow is the way to go.” We couldn’t agree more!


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Mark is the Business Manager and resident “Smokologist” for Tex Howard’s Pit-Smoked Bar-B-Que. He loves his girls, the San Francisco Giants, the great states of California, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas, and any food that’s been smoked.

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