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Natural Angus Beef Brisket

Our beef brisket is all-natural Angus, the best breed for smoke barbequing. It’s the centerpiece of our catering menu, and we also sell it by the pound at events, fairs, and farmers’ markets, along with weekly delivery within the San Francisco Bay area.

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Baby-Back Pork Ribs

Our meaty and extra juicy ribs are sure to please even the most discerning rib fan! Our pork ribs are hand seasoned with our secret dry rub and wood-smoked until tender. Besides being a central component of our catering menu, ribs are also sold by the pound and are part of our plate options at […]

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Smokehouse Beef/Pork Sausage

The genesis of our superb beef/pork sausage is an old recipe brought to Central Texas from German immigrants in the late 1800′s. A special blend of spices and all-natural casings (no artificial additives or preservatives whatsoever) combine with an incredible smoke flavor to create the tastiest, most mouth-watering sausage you’ll ever eat.

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Smoked Chicken

We get our chickens right nearby in Sonoma County. Certified free-range, all-natural with no antibiotics, and perfect for smoking. Makes the best chicken with moist, tender, pleasantly smoky meat. Available in halves or whole birds for events, fairs, farmers’ markets, and delivery. Other size portions and carving treatment available for catering clients.

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