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Friday BBQ Spotify 3/22/13

No Comments22 March 10:54


I love spring. Truth be told, I enjoy every season, they’re all special in their own way. But spring is unique in its embracing of the rebirth. It doesn’t matter what’s been happening in your life over the last year, it’s time to begin anew. Hold onto what’s good, throw out the rest, keep on growing. Now, more than ever throughout the year, it’s time to own who you are. “Don’t like me? Stand in line, you’ll have company. I’m concentrating on the ones that are in my court, even if it’s for just a fleeting moment. And after all, it’s springtime, and I’ve got some growin’ to do.”


Normally by this time of the week, I’ve decided on a theme I want to follow with Friday’s music. But this week, I’ve been stumped. And then I realized with it being the beginning of spring, I’m usually caught up in the whole re-owning of who I am, and having rather, shall we say, cosmopolitan tastes in music, I suppose I really don’t need a specific theme this week. Especially this week.



So these selections are some I just like to listen to when I’m in a springtime frame of mind. Brood a little. Rock a little. Reflect a little and make a plan. I’m a pretty hard guy to typecast. I love all kinds of music, food, movies, countries, states, and ultimately, people. If someone were to describe me, I wouldn’t be insulted if they labeled me as a little “scattered.” Although I might prefer to be called “eclectic.” Now there’s a good word. Interior designers figured it out a long time ago when they were having a hard time describing someone’s style when they were clearly, well, different. I’m someone who can eat the same breakfast for months on end, but I truly believe that diversity is the path to enrichment. Never underestimate the benefit of people not being able to typecast you. Just when they think you’re turning left, take a right instead. “Wait a minute … what is that playing? I thought you liked country? Or maybe it was hip-hop? I must be thinking of someone else … damn, that’s some good blues playin’ there. Who the heck is that? Eric Clapton? Or was it somebody doin’ Southern gospel? Aw heck, maybe it was Enya.” You know, I’ve been reading a lot lately about childhood bullying. Now, just like it’s always been the case, it seems to be about people not being to handle others being different from them. Heck, the #1 bestselling book right now is about women still not being able to succeed without getting a lot of grief. Trust me, I’ve lived long enough to know … being different is not a bug. It’s a feature. So yeah, this week’s music doesn’t have a real theme, per se. But maybe that’s a theme all its own. Have a wonderfully eclectic early spring weekend everyone.


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Mark is the Business Manager and resident “Smokologist” for Tex Howard’s Pit-Smoked Bar-B-Que. He loves his girls, the San Francisco Giants, the great states of California, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas, and any food that’s been smoked.

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