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Friday BBQ Spotify 11/15/13

No Comments15 November 16:46


Stevie Ray Vaughan


There are certain musicians who just personify Texas and being Texan. Willie Nelson certainly, and definitely ZZ Top. But beyond those two, the person who has always meant Texas music to me is Stevie Ray Vaughan. I can still remember the day in 1983 when I walked into the computer store where I was working and the manager – who was normally so uptight you could pluck him like a guitar string – was oozing around like an eel and shower-singing with the best of ‘em. He had just gotten SRV’s first recording and it was like a miracle had happened to him. Amazing thing too – the guy was a lot looser and less uptight from that point on. Texas Flood had a way of doing that to people. You don’t just listen to Stevie Ray’s music – you feel it in every corner of your body. On the day in 1990 when the news hit that his helicopter had crashed, it was like someone punched me in the gut. The guy had beaten his addiction demons, and it seemed we would have a long lifetime of hits to come from this Texas blues virtuoso. Fortunately, he had managed to release an incredible amount of great work while he was with us already, and these are a lucky-thirteen set of my favorites. The days are shorter and darker in November, and it’s starting to get colder outside. Kick it up a notch with a bona fide master of American blues music and heat up the place a bit. It’ll suddenly feel a lot warmer, and you’ll probably seem a lot warmer too. Maybe even hotter. Have a day-stretching blues-playing Texas Flood of a weekend everyone.



Stevie Ray Vaughan


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Mark is the Business Manager and resident “Smokologist” for Tex Howard’s Pit-Smoked Bar-B-Que. He loves his girls, the San Francisco Giants, the great states of California, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas, and any food that’s been smoked.

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